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Wings XP Embroidery Software With a new 3D working interface and an abundance of new tools and features, Wings´ XP is the most powerful embroidery software available yet it's still easy to learn and easy to use.
All levels include a new interface and 3D working space, the ability to apply 3D effects, the ability to convert images to embroidery without using external software or convert photos to CMYK photostitch. All levels also include a slow redraw utility which allows you to input your embroidery machine speed and watch a simulated sew-out at actual speed. As you browse the new product line look for the NEW! symbol to quickly locate even more of the exciting new features.
Curved Stitches
Some of the more advanced new features include the circular array and rectangular array tools available in the Operator level and above. New tools in Puncher and above include curved direction of stitches (shown above) and the ability to trim and/or weld objects. Pro level gives the ability to apply a different style per line and the exciting new Chenille stitch type (shown below).
Chenille stitch type
Not sure which level is right for you? Pilot is perfect for beginners because it includes lettering, editing, and very basic digitizing tools. Some embroiderers never need anything more! If you have some experience or you're just the "go-getter" type, Operator and Puncher each have more digitizing tools and time-saving features. Experienced embroiderers who want full control over the digitizing process plus the most powerful digitizing tools should take a look at the Pro level. No matter which level you choose, you will be getting an easy-to-learn software package that produces spectacular sew-outs.