Wings´ XP
Embroidery Software

With exclusive tools & features you won't find in any other embroidery software.

Wings Experience Embroidery Software
Wings stitch quality Wings XP produces the best embroidery quality in the market easily and quickly. The automated digitizing tools can help dramatically increase your production, and the OLE-2 technology allows for better integration with graphics software, simplifying the design process. Other benefits include:

  • Microsoft OLE-2 technology is integrated in all eXPerience® digitizing levels, allowing users using powerful CorelDRAW® graphic tools inside Wings'XP® to achieve highly productive precision accuracy.
  • The Wings'XP ® stitch engine works with hundreds of automation to ensure top quality and clean stitch generation in all processes.
  • The intelligent "Clean Up Expert" will automatically reset the start and end points, add or remove trims, add or remove fix/lock stitches in the entire design, and save the digitizer a tremendous amount of time in readjusting all these parameters during parameters during digitizing and manipulation.
  • The unique user-friendly interfaces and self-obvious tools or functions allow users to maintain high performance in all their digitizing processes.
  • With it's highly efficient branching system, the digitizer can break apart/join the lettering strings in both character and object levels for fast editing, or it can cut out the overlapping voids in a matter of seconds.

Superior stitch quality

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